Before you colour,

go Colourless.


Colourless Extra - Mixing


Shake bottle A well before use. Pour entire contents of bottle A into bottle B. Shake vigorously.

Colourless Extra - Application


Apply onto clean dry hair as you would a conditioner. Section hair and start from roots through to ends. Ensure hair is saturated with lotion, use a comb to ensure complete coverage.

Colourless Extra - Processing


Cover hair in cling film & wrap in a towel. Leave on hair to process for 60mins.  Warm with a hair dryer every 15minutes.

Wrap the hair in cling film, which will assist with even processing, and pass the time for 45 minutes. Ensure that you use a timer, so that you do not under process.


Rinse product off with warm water for 5 minutes.  Apply half of  bottle C and massage to lather like a shampoo, rinse for 5 minutes. Repeat again with remainder of bottle C, rinsing for 5 minutes to completely rinse all traces of product from your hair.

How it works

Colourless Hair Colour Remover works by first breaking the bonds that hold the colour pigments in your hair, then it shrinks the colour molecules so that they can be rinsed away.

Because of how Colourless works, it is best suited remove to oxidized permanent hair dye. While there will be some effect on semi permanent, temporary, and fashion colours, the remaining dye particles will result in a colour that may be undesirable.

A strand test should always be completed to reveal the final result. Do not proceed with the full process if you are unsure, or see no change from the strand test. Feel free to contact us – we are more than happy to help!